GSCE Drama Revision Guidance

As a department we are writing to you as we feel it is important that you are able to support your child as much as possible during this stressful time, and in order to do that, we need to support you as much as possible. Within this letter I will explain what we expect of your child for both Unit 2 and Unit 3 of GCSE drama. You will also find attached to this email resources you are able to use for revision within drama.

First off, we are currently looking at both Unit 2 and Unit 3 within lessons. Unit 2- presenting and performing texts, allows students to study ONE play and perform TWO extracts from that play. We have looked at 5 different plays: 1984, DNA, Lord of the Flies and Girls Like That.

Students have decided which play they would like to perform and are now in the process of rehearsals. As part of Unit 2 students are required to fill in a proforma explaining the intention and message of their play; this is attached (Attachment 1). In order to be able to fill this out to the best of their ability students need to read the whole play and also use the PowerPoints attached to help with this information. Additional research on their chosen play can also be done. (Attachment 2-1984, Attachment 4- DNA, Attachment 5- Lord of the Flies, Attachment 6- Girls Like That)

Unit 3- performance and response is the written exam element of the GCSE which will be sat during the exam period at the end of year 11. The exam is split into two sections. Section A focuses on a text which students have studied, Missing Dan Nolan. Section B focuses on the live theatre review, which will be based on one performance we have watched- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time, Les Miserables or The Woman in Black.

In order to support students with section A of the unit 3 exam, we have given every student a revision booklet in which they need fill in information related to the play Missing Dan Nolan and therefore create their own final revision pack; this is attached (Attachment 7). We have studied missing Dan Nolan for our mock presenting and performing text unit and also continue to look at section A of the exam within lessons. A PowerPoint presentation which explains the genre, performance style and gives detail of each character for Missing Dan Nolan is also attached (Attachment 8).

Section B of the unit 3 exam focuses on a live theatre review, this is based around a play we have watched within school and could cover any of the following: Set design, character, lighting, sound, special FX or relationships on stage. Attached is a PowerPoint presentation which will help students with how to write their reviews (Attachment 9) I have also attached a document which helps students write detailed notes based on the performance they wish to review (Attachment 10). Students should also have decided which of the three performances they wish to focus on.

We regularly set homework for students on SMHW, we set weekly quizzes to help with Key words, which can also be found in student’s language for learning, students have this but I have also attached (Attachment 11). We also set homework which askes students to complete 2/3 sections at a time of their MDN booklet, this is to ensure the whole booklet is completed before February half term. During the coming weeks students will also be expected to be learning lines for their unit 2 exam and should be off book by February 4th. As school policy states failure to complete homework will result in students receiving a 20-minute afterschool or lunchtime detention.

We would also like to thank you for your continued support of Drama at Cove school, the support you give students during this stressful time and the support you give us as teachers.

Lucy Buchan

Head of Performing arts

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