Year 11 - Class of 2019

Farewell Year 11 - We will miss you all...

Speech by Jamie Provan - Best Human Being Award 2019.

Hello, all I am Jamie Provan but mostly known as JP and today I would like to talk to you all about a number of different things so I am not going to waste any time rambling on about the basic stuff to keep this nice and short so let’s begin.

A quick disclaimer no teacher has requested I do this I have voluntarily chosen to do this and the words that come out of my mouth today are my words and my words alone.

So the end of year 11, it is like the final boss in a videogame or the final page in a 200-300 page book let’s say, The courage and effort took to reach these goals are often long winding but the satisfaction you suddenly when you reach these milestones are most often than not worth it. We as year 11’s will defiantly feel this way after 11-12 years of school. Some people in the crowd may feel the next steps in life as being another form of school but with a lot more freedom but most other people see this next opportunity as a next big challenge to jump over and overcome and be proud of. After we step out of this room to go home and slowly creep into September we are no longer going to be holding our parent's hands and will be treated as ordinary adult citizens and granted with benefits but the catch is that our actions will not be taken up on our parents anymore like they used to. We are now in control of our actions and these actions lead to consequences sometimes (harsh consequences) is the nice way to put it so be careful what wires you trip as the wrong wires can lead to a person’s freedom and/or demise. This new form of freedom is a gift not a weapon to abuse. We have an exciting life ahead of us as we take the next big step into our positive lives ahead of us.

Aside from all the negativity let’s talk positives, the grades that you get in these exams do obviously matter but only up to a certain extent. These grades do not define you as a person and they never will, these grades cannot take away all of the unique characteristics that we possess and are so fortunate to have. These grades are only a staple of what life as my advice is whatever grades you get you can live easy knowing that you did your best and no one can do anything about that don’t let some numbers on a piece of paper determine who you are or what you want to become. Our future shines brighter than ever and all I can see is succession. Some of us may become stars others may have some regular old jobs but as long as you are having fun that’s all that matters.

Throughout my life at school I have picked up a few things, the most important one is that positivity surprisingly the most powerful weapon anyone has in their arsenal and is effective against practically all forms of hate and best of all positivity is absolutely free and anyone can use it and yes, I do realise it’s very cheesy saying that. Positivity can come from lots of things but I find it mostly comes from your friends that are there to support you whenever you need it and to tackle whatever life throws at us to be as positive as possible, in fact, throw some optimism in their also to spice things up.

I would like to give a public thank you to all those who have supported me throughout my school life as I feel these people deserve the best and this can also go to the people who I don’t include if you have helped in the past you will know who you are and should feel extremely proud that you contributed to someone’s life. This is in no particular order and I will only be going over the ones that had a massive influence or had a recent influence in my life. Ben Hillary, Suhas Ramesh, Joe Mayne, Henry Standing, Sami Mohammad, Joseph Binnie, Crish Gurung, Jack Larbey, Joshan Thapa, Ryan Rana, Daniel Hammerton, Jamie Norman, Michael Bateman, James Fitzpatrick, this last one is not an individual but I’ll say it anyway, the rest of my form group that I have not mentioned form group. These outstanding individuals open arms and warm-hearted personalities have not only helped me but I believe that they can go on to support the more people that needed the sort of aid I did. I would also like to say thank you to Miss Barnfield for letting me have the opportunity to come up and talk to you all.

I hope you enjoyed and maybe took something away from this, for some of you this will be the last time you see me and some people in the room may not be going to prom or going to the same college as you or even moving to a different part of the country or a different country entirely, if you are in that group of people I wish you luck on your future endeavours and hope you can make a living the school and us will all miss you, as for the others I will be seeing you soon and I hope we can carry on our friendships can carry on to the point of after college and we can face the challenges the world will throw at us together, thank you for listening.

Farewell and good luck. Jamie.