LFD Home Testing

On Friday 30th April, your child will be bringing home two boxes of test kits, which have seven tests in each so that you can help them test twice a week as follows:

1st Test - Sunday 2nd May

2nd Test - Wednesday 5th May

3rd Test - Sunday 9th May

4th Test - Wednesday 12th May

5th Test - Sunday 16th May

6th Test - Wednesday 19th May

7th Test – Sunday 23rd May

8th Test – Wednesday 26th May

9th Test – Sunday 30th May

10th Test – Wednesday 2nd June

11th Test – Sunday 6th June

12th Test – Wednesday 9th June

13th Test – Sunday 13th June

14th Test – Wednesday 16th June

Please do continue to contact the school with any POSITIVE test result and keep your child at home until they have a PCR test to confirm the LFD test, at which point they will need to isolate for 10 days.