Art Collection Information

Collection of GCSE Fine Art / 3D Art Portfolio

Please can you come and collect your GCSE Art Coursework and Exam work from the Art Department.  The department will be open for collection of work after school only from Monday 11th October to Friday 22nd October 2021.

Any art work that is not collected by the end of this period will be disposed of unless prior arrangement has been made.

You are able to enter the school after 3:15pm in order to collect your artwork.  If you wish to come during the day or send someone on your behalf then please let your art teacher know.

Please make contact via email if I was your art teacher –

If Mrs Nicholls was your teacher then please contact her –

If Mr Chedciala was your teacher then please contact him –

If you do turn up during the school day without an appointment, you will not be allowed to come and collect your work.  All GCSE Artwork has been stored in the room where you were taught.  If you wish to come much later than 4:00/4:30pm then again please let your art teacher know so we can accommodate that.

Some artwork has been displayed around the school.  This is will be returned to you at a later point in the school year unless you are desperate for it now – it will not be disposed of until contact has been made with you.

Miss Heesom - Curriculum Leader of Art