Covid Information for Parents

Dear Parent/Carers,

Due to the number of Covid infections increasing in the Rushmoor area, which are currently at 554 cases per 100,000 (100 above national average), we are re-introducing face coverings for all students and staff at Cove School.  Please would you ensure you child has an appropriate face mask or covering with them to use in school whilst they travel between lessons and when they are in crowded areas at break and lunch.  Obviously we cannot legally enforce this, but would encourage all parents and students to support the well-being of all at Cove School and support everyone having a lovely Christmas break.

Our usual Covid measures remain in place which has significantly helped keep our number of infections very low. That said we are seeing an increased rate of infection especially amongst staff at the school (10 children and 8 staff have positive test results at present).

It is vital that your child uses the Saliva testing kit twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday. In addition we have plenty of LFD testing kits available which can be used alongside the Saliva testing regime ensuring all are safe and learning can continue.

Many thanks for your support and cooperation.

Kind regards,

Dr King.