ImageWhy use GCSEPod?

What is it?

  • One website, 3 apps and over 6000 Pods.
  • Content produced specifically for mobile devices, tablets and PCs.
  • Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge needed for exam success into short 3-5 minute chunks.
  • Helps with learning, homework and revision.

It will help your child get organised

Your child can create personal playlists to listen to in the run-up to an exam, to help with homework or on the go to help consolidate learning.

The viewing history feature enables your child to return to Pods they found useful. There’s also a ‘Favourites’ playlist, which enables them to easily return to Pods on areas they may be finding difficult.

Premade exam specific playlists, available in the ‘My Courses’ area are neatly organised meaning your child can manage revision quickly and easily whilst prioritising their time.

It’s convenient and effective

The Pods can be downloaded on any device so your child can watch them online or offline. Wherever they go, GCSEPod goes with them. It’s like they’re carrying an entire world of knowledge and revision in their pocket.

An expert reads and explains everything clearly and precisely with all the right facts, quotes, keyword and annotated diagrams on screen.

Your child won’t need to use GCSEPod for long before they feel the impact. Consistent use in just 10 minute chunks is proven to support achievement right up to a grade 9.

It can be as discreet (or loud) as they want

Your child can listen to Pods anywhere and everywhere and because it looks like they’re listening to music, no one needs to know they’re actually swotting up.

Your child may want to show off just how much work they’ve been doing or even recommend a Pod to a friend, to do this, they can use the social networking links on the site to connect with others.

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Key Features