Basingstoke Alliance SCITT

Our vision is to train human-first teachers in the latest research informed pedagogy in order to provide the local community with passionate and confident teachers who enhance the life chances of our children.

Aims and Objectives

The Basingstoke Alliance SCITT’s Aims and Objectives provide the goals and purpose of the training programme.

Through a carefully structured, cohesive and personalised programme we aim to:


  • Provide high quality training that remains at the forefront of the latest pedagogical thinking, with particular reference to cognitive load theory.
  • Use instructional coaching models and deliberate practice to ensure trainees’ progress trajectories are maximised.
  • Utilise the very best practice within the local community to inspire and guide trainees.
  • Provide schools within the alliance with confident and passionate ECTs to ensure pupils have access to outstanding local education.


  • Secure trainees’ subject and pedagogical knowledge, and ensure they gain a good understanding of curriculum design and implementation.
  • Know how children develop and learn, including their social, emotional and mental health needs.
  • Know the professional duties of teachers, the statutory framework within which they operate, and work in partnership with the whole school community including parents, governors and support services.
  • Extend trainees’ communication skills and use a range of productive teaching strategies which take account of children’s individual needs, and promote equality and inclusion.
  • Become reflective practitioners who critically analyse educational practice and research, and take responsibility for identifying and meeting their own professional development needs.
  • Collaborate with expert colleagues to extend their professional understanding and develop supportive personal networks.
  • Ensure that all school-based trainers are effectively trained and provide high quality mentoring and coaching so as to give the best possible support and guidance to their trainees and ensure that they reach their full potential.
  • Cultivate personal, well-informed philosophies about learning, teaching and the curriculum, such that they feel confident, inspired and well-prepared as they enter the profession.

Online Information Event 19th May 2022

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Bascitt information event may 22 1