We are proud of the close links that exist between the Resource Base and the main school. The Resource Base team liaise regularly with mainstream teachers to ensure that the needs of our hearing impaired pupils are met. Directors of Academic and Pastoral Support and Form Tutors are all involved in the support structure offered at Cove School.

Liaison with parents is of vital importance, both formally and through Parents’ Meetings, Information Evenings and Annual Review Meetings and informally at school social events. In addition, parents are welcome to make an appointment to see the Teacher of the Deaf at anytime throughout the year if they have any queries or concerns that they would like to discuss.

Liaison also exists with a wide range of associated professionals including Audiologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Local Authority Specialist Teacher Advisor and the Cochlear Implant Team at Southampton University. Contributions from these professionals may be included in the Annual Review report.

Close links exist with the Hearing Impaired Resource Base at Manor Junior School and the Teacher of the Deaf attends the Year 6 Annual Review meetings of the pupils who are expected to transfer to Cove School. The Teacher of the Deaf also visits the pupils at Manor prior to transfer and pupils have the opportunity to spend a morning shadowing a Hearing Impaired pupil to get to know the staff and pupils in the Resource Base as well as to experience some of the lessons at Cove.

Later in the Summer Term Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to attend a Liaison Day at Cove and parents are invited to a Liaison Evening. Parents of year 6 pupils are always welcome to make an appointment to see the Teacher of the Deaf if they need further information or have questions they would like to raise.

Links are fostered with local Further Education Colleges, including Farnborough Sixth Form College and Farnborough College of Technology, and representatives are invited to Annual Review Meetings where appropriate. Year 10 and Year 11 pupils may take advantage of vocational training courses at Farnborough College of Technology.


Learning motor mechanics at Farnborough College of Technology

We have further links with a variety of deaf organisations including the NDCS and Action on Hearing Loss.

Pupils in the Resource Base are invited to attend Deaf friendly activities in Hampshire. They have the opportunity to go along with their deaf and hearing friends and meet with young people from other schools in Hampshire as well as deaf adults. There are workshop activities, social events and outings.