Timetable of Annual Careers Activities

Cove School Careers Programme – Live events

Year Group

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer Term

Year 7

STEAM week activities

BAE Roadshow

Be your own ambassador WPO


Earth Day

Cove Fest: CSI and Bake your own business enterprise activity

Year 8

STEAM week activities

BAE Roadshow

Cove Fest - Enterprise Activity: Design and sell your own t-shirts

Teen Tech

Year 9

STEAM week Activities

Future Forward Presentation

Employability Skills Workshop – Talent Foundry

Aspirational Assembly

Future Evening: Picking the right options for you

Top of the Bench University

Family Futures HEON

Foresight HEON

MADE Rapid Revision workshop

Cove Fest: Run your own business marketing a band


Year 10

MADE independent learning workshop

Mark Russell Wellbeing presentation

Careers Week: Learn all about future Pathways

Top of the Bench

Realise your Potential HEON

Foresight HEON

Cove Fest: Careers focused, aspirational speakers, CV writing, interviews, applications

Year 11

Careers Assembly

HEON Focus group

Post 16 Careers Fair

Why go to Uni?

MADE Parent Information Evening

College Application Workshop

6th Form college interviews

NCS information assembly and parents evening

MADE independent learning workshop

Aspirational Assembly

Science Live

Foresight HEON

Biology Challenge


Please note 1:1 careers advice is offered all year – Autumn Term Year 11, Spring Term Year 11 (Y9 group sessions to discuss option choices), Summer Term Year 10.

Year 11 - Tutor activities complete your future and your options, applying to college

Year 7, 8 & 9 - World Space Week and COP 26 in the Autumn term, British Science Week, PI day, number day supported by NSPCC in the spring term.