School Routine

Hearing impaired pupils come to the resource base each morning before the start of school to check that their hearing aids, speech processors and radio aids are working properly. We encourage as much pupil responsibility as possible to ensure the efficient functioning of their equipment. This is a good time to meet up with the resource base staff and to talk through any particular concerns before the day gets underway.

It is important that our pupils follow the same rules as their hearing peers regarding behaviour and appearance. Please refer to "Behaviour: Our Expectations of our Pupils" in the Cove School Prospectus.

Our pupils are supported in mainstream lessons by Learning Support Assistants or the Teacher of the Deaf. New language may be clarified or explained and new vocabulary noted down. Brief notes of the lesson may be taken to assist if reinforcement is needed in the Resource Base. A check will be made to ensure that any home learning tasks have been accurately recorded and understood.

Pupils attend withdrawal lessons in the Resource Base according to individual need, for language development and tutorial support. Sessions may be used to reinforce new subject vocabulary which is recorded in a yellow book and taken home each evening. Parental assistance in checking through this vocabulary is very helpful. Pre-teaching of new concepts before the start of a lesson and follow up of areas which may have been found difficult provide valuable support.

At all times personal responsibility and independence skills are encouraged. Self-esteem and self-confidence develop when our pupils are able to demonstrate these skills to each other. Older pupils can be powerful role models and provide valuable peer support to younger ones.

The Teacher of the Deaf will monitor receptive and expressive language skills, reading accuracy and comprehension and understanding and use of grammar.

It is important that home learning tasks are completed on time. Normally two home learning assignments are given each evening.

Hearing impaired pupils attending the Resource Base are entitled to access arrangements during their GCSE examinations. These normally include additional time, the use of a separate room and a modified script, where appropriate. Some pupils may additionally qualify for a reader.

Finally, the teenage years can be a challenging time and pupils may undergo many changes of emotion and attitude, particularly as the demands of the work increase. Please let us know if there are any social or educational difficulties so that we can work together to support your child.