Secondary Online Learning

Secondary Website

In addition to providing live lessons using Microsoft Teams we have put together a range of resources that students can use to enhance their learning. These can be used at anytime during holidays, revision sessions or after school.

Some key websites to view:

GCSEPod – 5-10 mins revision clips that follow the GCSE and KS3 scheme of learning at Cove School. The school subscribes to this service, please use your school email address and password to login.

Oak National Academy – This is a government sponsored ‘virtual school’ with over 10,000 lessons and resources for students in Year 7 to 11. Each lesson is one hour long and delivered by a teacher from the Oak National Academy.


  • BBC Bitesize - Revision prompts, advice and examples for key English Language skills.
  • Mr Davis Videos - English Literature lessons on YouTube
  • SparkNotes - A revision website with text guides to all frequently studied Literature texts.
  • Shmoop - A revision website with text guides to all frequently studied Literature texts.
  • Mr Bruff Videos - Covering commonly taught Literature texts and Language paper approaches.
  • Tuition Kit Videos - Covering commonly taught Literature texts and Language paper approaches/skills.
  • Revision World - A bank of past papers for English Language and Literature.
  • Teachit English - A website used by English teachers to host often useful resources for planning lessons.
  • Revision Guide - A Language exam paper revision guide for both Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Studywize Revision – Covers English Language and Literature around the AQA specification.
English 2




  • Seneca - Free virtual learning
  • Mr Luck Biology - For A-level Biology notes, required practicals and essays
  • BBC Bitesize - interactive resources covering the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 science curriculums
  • Isaac Physics - online problem-solving activities and regular live video tuition to support teachers and students
  • SaveMyExams – Over 10,000 exam question, answers and revision notes covers GCSE to ‘A’ Level.

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When using these resources, it is important to check that they are relevant to your examination board and assessment criteria.

  • Seneca - A useful, free starting point
  • Mr Allsopp History - Podcasts and videos relating to a wide range of KS3, KS4 and KS5 resources
  • John D Clare - A valuable resource that includes range of information sheets, podcasts, PowerPoints, source activities and videos.
  • Revision World – This site contains links to History resources and excellent revision ideas for GCSE and above.


  • Seneca - A useful starting point with a wide range of subjects available


  • BBC Bitesize Languages - Excellent and completely free resources. For KS3 they cover Spanish, French, German and Mandarin
  • Teach It Languages - A wide selection of activities for Spanish, French and German (KS3 and KS4) that can be downloaded for free as PDFs.
  • Lightbulb Languages - A good selection of free activities for Spanish, French and German (KS3 and KS4), including texts and activities.
  • Rachel Hawkes - French and Spanish. Some lesson PowerPoints, and the student booklets can be useful for key vocabulary.

Music 1

Music & Performing Arts

  • Music Theory
  • Muse Score - Free online notation package
  • Music First Classroom - Offering free subscriptions for all students during school closures. This includes Focus on Sound Pro and an online DAW (digital audio workstation) amongst other features
  • Digital Theatre - Free subscription


Staying physically and mentally healthy during this time is extremely important. Here are some links to resources to help boost your child's wellbeing.

Physical Activities

  • Fitness Blender - Videos featuring a range of exercises and workouts. You can choose exercises by: degree of difficulty, type, gender and whether equipment is needed or not.
  • #ThisisPE - Videos delivered by teachers focusing on the PE curriculum
  • This Girl Can
  • Activity Alliance - For young people with disabilities
  • PE Scholar - PE lessons and resources

Mental Health Resources

Coronavirus-specific Resources