Our Aims

In the Resource Base it is our aim to build the confidence to communicate so that our hearing impaired pupils will:

  • Integrate into the mainstream school.
  • Access the school curriculum.
  • Become full and active members of the school community.

To do this, our pupils attend regular classes alongside their hearing peers and attend the Resource Base according to their individual needs. All the pupils have daily contact with the Teacher of the Deaf.

There is a "Mixed Mode" approach to communication in line with Hampshire's policy on communication.

Emphasis is placed on:

  • Maximum use of residual hearing through good use of appropriate hearing aids and radio aids.
  • Use of opportunities to develop good listening and conversational skills.
  • The provision of sign support where appropriate.
  • Pupil responsibility for monitoring equipment.
  • Learning opportunities tailored to individual needs.
  • Effective liaison between teaching staff, parents and pupils to provide a network of support and encouragement.


"Touching base" before the start of school.