Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding granted to schools by the Government to enable them to support those children who, nationally, do not tend to achieve the same results as those who are not eligible. This group includes those children who:

  • are eligible to receive Free School Meals (FSM) currently, or at some time in the past 6 years
  • have a parent in the Armed Forces, or have left within the previous 6 years
  • are classed as a Looked After Child (CLA)

Each school must determine how the funding will be allocated, according to the specific and unique needs which are particular to the context within which it is working: every school is different, so each school’s approach needs to be tailored to suit its circumstances.

At Cove School, our prime focus is to enable and empower all students, regardless of their socio-economical or cultural background, to achieve their personal best. We believe this means finding the right approach and appropriate resources for each student and each cohort. In most cases, this will mean ensuring high-quality teaching and learning within the class room setting. However, where extra need has been identified, the Pupil Premium funding will assist with providing additional intervention or resources to help the students maximise their opportunities.

Further details of how this funding has been allocated are set out in the document attached. Please follow the link below or contact Mrs L Trapnell (Assistant Headteacher) for more details.

Pupil Premium - Direct Gov - Information

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