Reporting concerns about the safety of a child 

There may be times when parents, carers, family friends or neighbours become concerned about the safety of a child who attends Cove School.

Mr Andrew King (Headteacher) is our Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Matthew Reeves (Deputy Headteacher) is our Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Rebecca Rigden is our Safeguarding Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead

The other Deputy DSLs at Cove School are:

Mr Andrew Blake (Assistant Headteacher)

 Mrs Sian Cosgrove Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

 Mrs Linda Brauner (Pastoral Manager)

 Head of Years are also trained as DDSLs and are available to deal with concerns.

 Mrs Rebecca Harraway, Head of Year 7

 Mr Paul Clarke, Head of Year 8

 Mr Jordan Gee, Head of Year 9

 Mr Andrew Blake, Head of Year 10

 Miss Megan Crocker, Head of Year 11


If you are concerned that a child is not safe, please either:

  • phone the school ( 01252 542 397) and ask to speak to the DSL or a DDSL about a child protection matter
  • email your concern, to , making sure you give the child’s name in full, year group and the details of your concern
  • or click here to complete a ‘Report a Concern’ form

For all emergency situations please call 999.