We intend our hearing impaired pupils to be fully included in all aspects of the life of the school and derive full benefit from the experience which Cove School provides.

Our pupils attend registration and assemblies with their tutor groups. They are included in their mainstream classes for approximately 85-95% of their curricular time, according to individual need. They receive in-class support from specialist Learning Support Assistants and the Teacher of the Deaf. Mainstream staff receive training in strategies to support the hearing impaired and work in close liaison with the Resource Base team.

Advantage is taken of a wide range of opportunities to develop confidence and self esteem alongside hearing peers.


Working in a pair, the hearing pupil wears the transmitter

  • Lesson time offers whole class learning, small group work and paired activities allowing both academic and social inclusion.
  • Tutor time and PSHE lesson allow further exploration of issues and ideas.
  • Extra curricular activities in the form of clubs, visits and school trips (some abroad) provide additional experience, education and friendship opportunities.
  • Opportunities to participate in school plays and presentations.
  • Opportunities to take responsibility within the school community as prefects, 'buddies', members of the School Council, library assistants or guides to show visitors around the school.