Vision and Values

The school seeks to ensure that every student leaves us fully equipped to lead successful and happy lives ready for the 21st century.

"Every Child, Every Classroom, Every day Achieving Excellence"

To foster this, we aim to ensure every child is hardworking, articulate, literate, knowledgeable, confident, independent, courteous and compassionate. All of our provision underpins the development of these characteristics, which enable students to achieve the best from their education and stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

We strive to enable our students to fulfil their potential in an inspirational and professional learning environment. Our inclusive culture celebrates success and builds the highest expectations for all students, irrespective of their background.


We focus on: Great Leadership, Great teaching, Great learning

At Cove we have five values which support everything we do and stand for:     

The Five C's of Cove
Courtesy Be respectful and kind.
Co-operation          Pull together, work together as a community.
Commitment Make a positive contribution to your life, the school and the wider community both locally and globally.
Creativity Think differently, think outside of the box.
Challenge Push yourself, raise your aspirations higher.

Be the change you want to see.