At Cove School we recognise the importance of a smooth transition for students moving to our school. We welcome enquiries from parents regarding places and our experienced team are happy to arrange for you to visit the school.

Cove School is its own admissions authority, but we work closely with the Hampshire school admissions team.  Please click here for further information about Hampshire County Council's admissions.

You can find our admission policy at the bottom of this page.

For in-year admissions, please contact Mrs G Lewis at Cove School to check on availability and to arrange a tour of the school.

Admission appeals timetable for Year 7 in September 2021 can be found below:

Admission Appeals Timetable

Page Downloads Date  
Cove School Admission Policy 2020 2021 28th Feb 2019 Download
Cove School Admission Policy 2021 2022 02nd Mar 2020 Download
Cove School Admission Policy 2022 2023 12th Feb 2021 Download