Curriculum Leader: Mr S Attwood

Subject Teachers: Mr S Attwood, Ms N Best, Ms L Lawson, Ms N Stevens, Miss S Hirst, Mrs C Richards, Mrs N Gibberd, Mr O Fawehinmi, Mr J Gough, Ms L Hewitt

Famous Quotes

If I were to teach I suspect it would be English literature. I've always been deeply, deeply in love with that kind of thing Stephen Fry

Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery Mark Amidon

Overall Purpose of the Subject - Summary:

To nurture and inspire students to become literate, confident communicators and critical thinkers. 

Course Outline and Structure - Key Stage 3



Course Outline and Structure - Key Stage 4                          Exam Board:  AQA

All students will sit two GCSEs, English Language and English Literature.  Schemes of Learning are designed to prepare students for:

Language –

AQA Paper 1: Explorations in creative reading & writing.

AQA Paper 2: Writer’s viewpoints & perspectives.

Spoken Language (Teacher assessed).

Literature –

AQA Paper 1: Macbeth & Frankenstein. 

AQA Paper 2: Modern Texts & Poetry.

Assessment Method - Key Stage 4

Day to day formative assessment – Verbal feedback, peer assessment and self-assessment through the use of www (What Went Well) and ebi (Even Better If).

Classwork is reviewed on a regular basis.

Progress is monitored using a traffic light system and appropriate intervention is implemented.

At the end of each Scheme of Learning students will produce a piece of work for assessment.

Mock exams also take place on a bi-annual basis.

Extra-Curricular Activities / Clubs:

Opportunities to see live performances/films linked to the set texts.

Hampshire Book Award.

Poetry/Fiction writing competitions.

Key Website to Support Learning / Useful Resources: