PSHE Lead Teacher: Miss S Amos

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Overall Subject Intent

Nothing is as constant as change and through the study of PSHE we aim to acknowledge and address the changes and challenges young people experience in society today. At Cove School, our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to live physically and mentally healthy lives. Our curriculum is designed to promote the personal development of our students, highlighting key features of life in modern Britain, celebrating what we have in common, whilst promoting respect of differences. Furthermore, we want all our students to develop financial literacy and to be aware of how to handle the increases in pressure from peers and influences in media.

PSHE is taught through the core themes of Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Sex and Relationships Education. By teaching RSHE (relationship, sexual, health education) more explicitly we want to teach our students how to cultivate positive healthy relationships, manage risks, appreciate that actions have consequences, have confidence and self-esteem to value themselves and to avoid being exploited in person or online. Through RSHE we aim to nurture all our students into becoming responsible and respectful active citizens who contribute positively to society and who can understand the value in being themselves.

KS3 Curriculum Overview

At Key Stage 3, students have one fortnightly PSHE lesson. One of the key focuses for our PSHE curriculum is progression from one year to the next. Opportunities are provided in all lessons for discussion of real-life topics through the use of scenarios and students are able to demonstrate their ability to make adult, responsible and informed decisions which can then be applied in their own lives. It is of paramount importance that lessons provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment where they can ask questions, challenge information they are offered, draw on their own experiences and express their views articulately.

Year 7 Overview

Year 8 Overview

Year 9 Overview

KS4 Curriculum Overview

At Key Stage 4, PSHE is delivered predominantly through assemblies and tutor activities. We also run themed activity days such as Post 16 Day and a week of activities during Cove Fest.

Cove Fest focuses on the following areas for KS4 students:

  • Barclays Life skills workshop – students receive tips and advice on how to manage their personal finances
  • Reading University Workshop – offers advice on study skills and time management. Students are given the skills to manage their revision and to gain a good study / life balance
  • Reed Employability Workshop – students learn how to build their CV’s and write covering letters when applying for a job or college. Students take part in mock interviews for a job vacancy and learn how to best present themselves when applying for employment in the future
  • Aspirational speakers from local business talk to students about their own career journeys.
  • Army activity day – students take part in team building activities hosted by the British Army

Key Stage 4 Overview

PSHE Assemblies

All year groups receive assemblies on the following topics:

  • Peer on Peer Abuse
  • County Lines and Knife Crime
  • Men’s Health – Movember
  • Mental Health – focus on our use of language
  • Mental Health – focus on mental health over Christmas
  • Mental Health – focus on Samaritan’s campaign Talk to Us
  • Anti-Bullying – with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ community
  • Black History Month
  • LGBTQ+ History Month
  • Fairtrade Fortnight

Mental Wellbeing

One of the topics we continually focus on at Cove School is recognising and improving mental wellbeing. It is very important to us as a school that we can support our students who are struggling with poor mental wellbeing and that all our students understand how to access help and advice from us, external organisations or the strategies they have available to implement themselves.


To be successful and independent learners, students are given the opportunity through assessments each term to identify what they have learnt and to reflect on the topics covered. In the Spring and Summer term students are given a baseline assessment at the start of the term so they can use prior knowledge to complete it but can also then review and see their progress at the end of the term.  We believe this helps them to value the skills they learn in PSHE and solidifies

Equal Opportunities

Cove School is committed to the provision of PSHE to all students and takes into account the differing needs of students. Our curriculum aims to respond to the diversity of cultures, faiths and family backgrounds.

Useful Links for Students and Parents

Emotional Health and Wellbeing  

Physical Health

Relationship and Sex Education

Financial Support

Internet Safety

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