Holocaust Memorial Day Schools Event


Farnborough 6th Form College Holocaust Memorial Day Schools Event

On Friday 9th January the Year 11 Religious Studies option group took part in a commemorative event for Holocaust Memorial Day at the Sixth Form College Farnborough. The event was jointly organised by the Student Association and the History Department and combined outreach with the teaching of valuable lessons that can be learned from the Holocaust.

The event included a talk from Holocaust survivor, John Dobai, who was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1934. In March 1944 Hungary was occupied by the Nazis. Antisemitic laws were immediately introduced, and Jews had to start wearing the yellow Star of David. John was just 10 years old. He spoke about his experiences and the effects of the persecution on his family and friends. John explained that, at 82, he felt it was important that he continues to tell his story to keep the memory of those who died alive and to help to prevent discrimination today.

During the afternoon, three 6th Form students spoke movingly about their experiences of a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and encouraged the participating schools to consider how their schools might mark Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January 2016.

At the end of a challenging afternoon, the students returned to Cove School inspired to pass on the message, ‘Don’t Stand By’.

Mrs Barnes