What is the HIRB?

The Hearing Impaired Resource Base was set up at Cove School in 1993. We cater for hearing impaired pupils with a moderate, severe or profound hearing loss, with a Statement of Special Educational Needs, requiring resourced mainstream provision with access to a Teacher of the Deaf and specialist trained Learning Support Assistants. Each child’s placement is dependent upon approval by the Local Authority.

There are currently three places for hearing-impaired pupils at the Resource Base. Our pupils wear post aural hearing aids or cochlear implants. Hearing impaired pupils have access to radio aids both in their mainstream classes and in the resource base. They also benefit from access to Soundfield systems in the vast majority of classrooms.

The resource base is acoustically treated to the highest specification.

Cove School is committed to developing the best possible acoustic environment for its hearing impaired pupils, with appropriate provision of carpets, curtains, acoustic ceilings, sound absorbent furnishing and the use of soundfield systems in key classrooms and in the main hall.