Annual Leavers Presentation Evening

This week saw one of the highlights for me in the school calendar; our Annual Leavers Presentation Evening. We changed the format somewhat this year, as previously it had been held here at school so, limited by numbers only award winners have been invited to attend. I fervently believe the achievements of all our leavers should be celebrated and that the GCSE certificates should also be publicly presented and celebrated as they represent the outcome of 11 years of compulsory education.

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This year therefore we changed the venue to the Princes Hall in Aldershot, who did a great job for us. We were also delighted to welcome Aaron Phipps as our guest of honour to make all the presentations. Aaron represented Great Britain in the London 2012 Paralympics in wheelchair rugby and as well as presenting our Class of 2015 with their GCSE certificates and subject awards, gave a truly inspirational, humorous but exceptionally thought provoking presentation about his journey to his outstanding achievement. The feedback he received from the students, parents and staff present showed what an impact his words had on us all.

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The true guests of honour were though of course the Class of 2015. I felt so immeasurable proud of each and every one of them as they came up onto stage to receive the recognition they so richly deserved. It was fabulous afterwards also to catch up with them about their life after Cove and again to reflect on what wonderful, resilient young people they have become.

This was perfectly summed up by our current head boy Jogerson Gurung, who as well as giving an exceptional vote of thanks to Aaron, explained to the class of 2015 the high regard his year group had held them in. There weren’t many dry eyes in the house (including mine!) as he outlined to them the qualities from his and his peers’ perspective which had made the class of 2015 the exceptional year group they were. Jogerson certainly has a huge fan club now in the year above him!

I will finish with a final congratulation to the class of 2015. To echo Jogerson’s and my own words from the evening, their collective and individual achievements in such challenging external and internal contexts were truly phenomenal.

Sarah Howells

Executive Headteacher

Awards Winners

Commitment to Extra Curricular School Life:

Taylor Fitzpatrick - Drama / School Productions
Matthew Romainie - Drama / School Productions
Sarah Johns - Music
Cameron Murphy - Music
Lara Chapman - Science
Isaac Priest - Science
Erin Lock - Sport
Oliver Ferry - Sport

Presentation of Progress and Attainment Certificates

Art Attainment - Jade McArthur
Art - Progress - Dionne Yates
Child Development Attainment - Catalina Bowen
Child Development Progress - Eleanor Seccombe
Drama Attainment - Lauren Modrekelidze
Drama - Progress - Caitlin O’Brien
English Language Attainment - Ellie Perrett
English Language Progress - James Davies
English Literature Attainment - Abbie Stenning
English Literature Progress - Katherine Cocking
Food Technology Attainment - Jasmine Baker
Food Technology Progress - Adama Chune
French Attainment - Ben Fry
French Progress - Andy Fox
Geography Attainment - Bluebell Thorp‐Jones
Geography Progress - Georgia Heggie
German Attainment - Zach Edwards
German Progress - Laura Latkova
Graphic Products - Attainment - Chloe Pugh
Graphic Products - Progress - Christopher Lewis
History Attainment - Stacey Alexander
History Progress - Adama Chune
ICT Attainment - Matthew Romaine
ICT Progress - Georgia Sawyer
Mathematics Attainment - Bluebell Thorpe‐Jones
Mathematics Progress - Katherine Cocking
Music Attainment - Lauren Modrekelidze
Music Progress - Taylor Fitzpatrick
Philosophy & Ethics Attainment - Stacey Alexander
Philosophy & Ethics Progress - Adama Chune
Physical Education Attainment - Lauren Kerfoot
Physical Education Progress - Ellie Seccombe
Religious Education Attainment - Bluebell Thorp‐Jones
Religious Education Progress - Dionne Yates
Resistant Materials Attainment - Luke Szulc
Resistant Materials Progress - James Davies
Science - BTEC - Attainment - Annabel Bridges
Science - BTEC - Progress - Daniel Holt
Science - Core & Additional - Attainment - Abbey Stenning
Science - Core & Additional - Progress - Charlie Peacock
Science - Triple - Attainment - Matthew Romaine
Science - Triple - Progress - Michelle Madin
Spanish Attainment - Michelle King
Spanish Progress - Karisan Gurung
Textiles Attainment - Sophie Reece
Textiles Progress - Emily Chaplin

Services to the School:

Sarah Johns - Past Head Girl
Jack Burton - Past Head Boy
Kripa Vitrakoti - The Terri Shelley Memorial Prize

Student of the Year Outstanding Academic Achievement:
Bluebell Thorp-Jones

Year11AwardsEveningPrincessHall (50)Year11AwardsEveningPrincessHall (45)