SEND - How will both you and I know how my child is doing?

The school will keep you informed about your child’s progress in a number of ways

  1. If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education and Health Care Plan, a review meeting will be held annually to formally review your child’s progress and to review the nature of the support. This meeting will include yourselves, your child and all relevant external agencies.
  2. If your child is receiving additional support in the form of targeted interventions, progress will be assessed at the end of an agreed period of time and outcomes shared with yourself and your child.
  3. Subject teachers regularly mark your child’s work and note strengths (WWW, ‘what went well’) and short term targets (EBI, ‘even better if’) and this can be seen in your child’s exercise books.
  4. Each subject area has identified key pieces of work that represent milestones in your child’s learning which are formally assessed and graded. These grades contribute to the levels/grades reported in your child’s reports.
  5. You will receive three reports on your child’s progress each year, two interim reports with just the grades or levels and one full report with grades and comments from your child’s teachers.
  6. Annual Parents’ Evenings, held after the full report, focus on your child’s progress in individual curriculum subjects. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress in different subjects and the teaching staff will provide information about how you can support your child’s learning.
  7. If we have any concerns about your child’s progress in any subject area, you will be contacted by your child’s teacher in the first instance.
  8. More general concerns may be shared with you by your child’s form tutor, Progress Leader or by the SENCo.

If, at any time, you have concerns about your child’s progress please contact your child’s tutor or the SENCo and we will arrange a meeting for you with the relevant teacher(s).

It is the role of the SENCo to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the various intervention strategies and report to the Headteacher and the Governors so that we can constantly strive to improve our provision. We rigorously track the progress of our pupils to ensure that any interventions have a positive impact on their educational progress.

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