SEND - How will the education setting staff support my child?

We use all the information we have on all our pupils to evaluate the most effect way of meeting the diversity of pupils’ needs. In some subject areas this may mean that the pupils are placed in different sets based on ability.

However, within these teaching sets, the range of individual learning styles and speed of progress with vary. This means that teachers need to differentiate the work for all pupils, not just those identified as having special educational needs.

Our aim is to ensure that every child achieves their personal best and teachers undertake rigorous tracking and monitoring of pupils’ progress towards their individual targets.

If your child is identified as having special educational needs, in most cases, your child will be taught alongside their peers in classes taught by subject specialists.

The essential work of the learning support team is to provide learning support for individual students in the classroom and to provide the teachers with a one-page profile, where necessary, giving information about your child’s strengths, aspirations, needs and the ways in which these needs can be met whilst they are in class.

The Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) support may be to interpret what teachers say, assist with collecting equipment, or physically supporting in practical lessons. This means that LSAs may work in any lesson from English to Technology to PE and have a general overall knowledge of all subjects.

Sometimes LSAs provide general support in a classroom where it is needed. The teacher may request that a few pupils in one class are supported within the classroom or to just generally provide a few minutes of support to pupils who need a little assistance. This may be reading a difficult word, checking an answer or clarifying the work a teacher has set.

If your child has a current Education Health and Care Plan they will have LSA or specialist support as detailed on the EHCP. This may include in-class support from a Learning Support Assistant (LSA), one-to-one tutorial support, time for an LSA to produce differentiated worksheets and access to additional technological devices.

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