SEND - What training is provided for staff?

SENCo contact details

Mrs Pauline Stavely

Cove School

St John’s Road


GU14 9RN

Telephone    01252 542397


The school is committed to making reasonable arrangements to support all pupils with special educational needs in a mainstream setting. We ensure that our staff receive appropriate training if pupils wish to come to our school with a need not previously supported.

All teachers are trained in accordance with the Teacher Standards. In addition, the school currently has a number of staff trained or receiving training to support various needs in the following areas:

  • LSA: administration of physiotherapy for named pupil
  • Teaching staff and first aiders: use of Epipens
  • Health and Welfare Officer and first aiders: support for pupils with epilepsy
  • SENCo and LSAs: supporting ASD needs
  • SENCo and LSAs: supporting specific learning difficulties: dyslexia
  • SENCo (teacher of the deaf), LSAs, teaching staff: supporting pupils with a hearing impairment
  • ELSA and school counsellor: bereavement support
  • SENCo and LSAs: supporting pupils with a visual impairment
  • SENCo, teaching staff and LSAs: supporting pupils with English as a second language
  • SENCo and LSAs: supporting pupils with language and communication needs

Regular in-service training is given to teaching staff regarding child protection and supporting hearing impaired pupils.

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