SEND - How accessible is your education setting?

Although there are areas of the school which are not accessible to pupils and visitors with physical disabilities, the school will take account of the needs of pupils and visitors with physical difficulties and sensory impairments when planning and undertaking future improvements and refurbishments of the site and premises, such as improved access, lighting and colour schemes, and more accessible facilities and fittings.

With the exception of the sports halls, technology, drama, art, and music classrooms, all other teaching rooms have been acoustically treated and have sound field systems installed.

The school has one disabled parking bay at the front of the school.

There have been improvements made to the visual environment, including painted rails and steps completed following assessment by the disability assessment team.

There is a specialist resourced provision for pupils with a hearing impairment with a suite of three acoustically treated rooms providing optimal listening conditions for one-to-one or small group tutorial work.

There is height adjustable furniture in one of the food technology rooms and the wood work room to allow access for a wheelchair user.

There are alternative methods of communication with home on request.

We are committed to a total communication strategy in our Hearing-Impaired resourced base and have employed a communication support worker when necessary.

We have specialist staff to facilitate learning for EAL students and communication with home of EAL parents/carers and obtain the support of the Ethnic Minority and Traveller Advisory Service if we have pupils who speak a language not spoken by one of our staff.

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